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Over the years I have helped thousands of people with their homes.  
I utilize products from well known and respected manufacturers and

Personal service allows me to learn about your taste and your home,
thus giving you a home that reflects your taste and lifestyle.  

Furnishing your home requires a great deal of thought and
imagination.  What defines good design falls into three categories;  
Background, Furnishings & Accessories.

Background encompasses Architectural Details, Wall Color,
Wallcoverings, Textures, Lighting & Fixtures, Flooring Materials &
Area Rugs, Window Treatments, both Fabric & Blinds.

Furnishings should have both style and comfort.  Size and proportion
are very important considerations and, of course, the furnishings
must coordinate with background features.

Accessories complete the design.  Art, Lamps and items that are
enhancing, imaginative and pleasing.
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