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Over 30 Years Experience.  NARI Universal Design Certified
Interior Design
Certified Universal Designer
Aging-In-Place Specialist

Age-In-Place - Helping Baby Boomers design their
homes for now and the future.  A home they can
grow into as they age and their circumstances
the Remodeling Industry
The concept of Universal Design.  I'll help you create beautiful and functional
rooms and spaces that you can grow into as you age or should you or a
family member become disabled.

I have over 30 years experience as a
Designer.  I've developed relationships with
numerous vendors, manufacturers and
craftsmen allowing me to me to create a home
that is stylish, comfortable and functional.

My certification as a Universal Design specialist
allows me to create a home for people with
disabilities and their families, a home that is
functional for all!
Universal Design incorporates all the principles of Interior
Design, however, it becomes much more complex.  
Considerations for persons with disabilities requires a
knowledge and understanding of the additional needs

In the past the products available were basic at best.
Today we have many choices in design options, product
lines and designer finishes. This allows us to design great
looking, great functioning baths, kitchens and living areas
for not only those with disabilities, but also their entire
in lower cabinets and pull down shelving in upper
cabinets make life easier for the entire family.
Great looking functional designs provide
ease of use for all members of the family!
Doors and faucets help make those
suffering with arthritis live easier.
This is a great example of remodeling with adaptable
features.  The shelves under the sinks are easily
removed should a walker or wheelchair be needed
in the future.
Elevated toilets & easy entry tubs
make life easier for those of us
getting older.
Linear drainage makes life much easier.  A built in seat
and grab bars make you feel more secure.  Best of all,
it's a beautiful bath.
the strain off your back.
 Rick Mitman
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